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At Matia Fundazioa we are aware that people's main option is to remain at home. For this reason, we work to ensure that they continue to live at home, with their habits and way of life.

A social worker is responsible for coordinating the care that a person needs, based on an initial assessment. Our assistants are in charge of responding with total flexibility to the demands made of them.

  1. Initial interview: this is carried out with the family - legal representative and the person him/herself.
  2. Visit to the person's home by a social worker in order to:
  • To carry out the Home Assessment.
  • Knowing the user's environment.
  • To carry out the socio-family assessment.

How do we work?

Our Personal Assistants Service supports the person at home in:

  • Activities of daily living through a personalised, professional and flexible service.
  • Support in domestic activities and formalities.
  • Accompaniment, outings, formalities...
  • Personal support and accompaniment.

Its aim is to promote the well-being, independence and autonomy of the people cared for.

Personalisation. We guarantee a personal and appropriate treatment to the person. We take special care that the selection of the Personal Assistant is adjusted to the tastes, preferences and personality of the person.

Flexibility. Just as Home Care only covers very specific areas of care. Our service is wide-ranging and tailored to the needs. Accompaniment, outings, stimulation, domestic chores, and management are all tasks carried out by our assistants (providing an almost immediate response to emergencies and occasional accompaniment services).

Professionalism. All our assistants have had experience in caring for people in one of our centres and are trained in our model of care.

In short, we offer a Personalised, Flexible Service, Adapted to your needs.