Day care centres

The Bermingham Centre shares its facilities with the Bermingham Hospital in Aiete. Being totally independent, it is linked to the Bermingham Hospital and the Bermingham Rehabilitation Centre, which facilitates access to all its services.

The aim of this residence is to achieve the greatest wellbeing of the person and their family through the provision of the appropriate and necessary support at all times, promoting their autonomy. 

Galería de fotos: 
Hospital Ricardo Bermingham, fachadaHospital Ricardo Bermingham, interiorHospital Ricardo Bermingham, piscinaHospital Ricardo Bermingham, habitación
Servicios del centro: 
  • Gerontological health care, social care and psychological care.
  • Programmes to promote cognitive abilities and functional autonomy.
  • Programmes to promote social relations and community participation.
  • Programmes for leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Hairdressing service (optional).
  • Chiropody service (optional).
  • Physiotherapy service (optional).
  • Own laundry service.
  • Own catering service.
  • Transport service.
Pinu Bidea 35
20018 Donostia · San Sebastián
943 31 7 100 - bermingham@matiafundazioa.eus