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Cognitive stimulation through a psychostimulation tool

The cognitive stimulation of people with multicausal cognitive impairment (degenerative, vascular or acquired brain damage) was one of the premises for the design of the Mind and Life board as a working tool that brings together a set of techniques beneficial for the psychostimulation of these patients.

The need for the user to preserve as far as possible and for as long as possible his cognitive situation, the improvement or maintenance of his emotional, affective and functional situation and the correction or reduction of behavioural disorders were the bases on which its design was based.

The characteristics that define the tool are:

  • Multiservice vision. The board facilitates the daily work in different geriatric and brain damage care devices. In this way, its applicability and efficiency is guaranteed, also allowing flexibility and the possibility of modification and extension to any professional who uses it, on the support and with the system with which it is presented.
  • Group format: it is focused on greater effectiveness and profitability of group work and the use of its own dynamics as a therapeutic tool per se.
  • Usability: Its conception, both in the instructions and in its use, is extremely simple
  • What we work with the board
    • Working memory
    • Semantic memory
    • Attention-concentration-surveillance
    • Antegrade episodic memory
    • Language and comprehension-calculation-reading
    • Spatially directed attention-complex visuoperceptive ability-constructive ability
    • Abstract conception - problem solving ability - planning - social behaviour - motivation (personality) - initiative ability - flexibility
  • What results the board provides
    • It improves coexistence by maintaining social protocols.
    • Improves daily activities.
    • Maintains and optimises the cognitive sphere.
    • Greater degree of autonomy
    • Optimises orientation to reality
    • It promotes resocialisation.

For more information on the Mind and Life board: www.signa21.com



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