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One Lovely Blog Award

This entry has a different character to the ones we usually do in our blog. We are not going to focus on any socio-health issue, as we have been doing until now, but we are going to talk about the award received as "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD".


The first thing is to thank GEROBLOGS for their nomination and the second thing is to explain to you what a nomination of this type consists of:

  • These nominations are a viral award that consists of a recognition that is made between bloggers who edit a blog.
  • The purpose of these awards is to support, disseminate, connect and recognize the work of different blogs that have a similar theme and/or are considered relevant and interesting
  • These are the rules to follow when you are awarded a prize like the "One Lovely Blog award":
  1. Name and thank the person/blog that has given you the nomination.
  2. Become a follower of the blog that gives you the nomination
  3. Answer the 11 questions he asks you.
  4. Award the prize to 11 other blogs
  5. Ask 11 new questions to those who are awarded.
  6. Inform each of the blogs you nominate of the award.
  7. Visit the 11 blogs that have been awarded prizes together with yours.

The blogs that we nominate from Matia Fundazioa are the following:

  • Geroblog: Geroblogs is a project that invites you to discover blogs written by and for groups, individuals or professionals interested in people over 55.
  • Blog of the CRE Alzheimer: Blog of the State Reference Centre whose subject matter specialises in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
  • Blog of the Virtual Centre on Ageing: Blog dedicated to the socio-health sector focused on ageing.
  • Siena Coop: Blog dedicated to active ageing.
  • Envejecimiento en Red: Collaborative blog on aging and older people.
  • Aging and demography: This is an outbreak of the blog Apuntes de demografía dedicated to demographic aging and its consequences.
  • Ageing and citizenship: Collaborative blog produced by the research team of the project "Active ageing, citizenship and participation".
  • Infoelder Blog: Blog dedicated to issues of help for the elderly.
  • Adultos Mayores Qro: Blog dedicated to promote a successful aging culture-
  • Healthy Aging: The aim of this blog is to promote a positive image of old age, encouraging healthy and successful aging.
  • A different look at our elderly: Blog dedicated to the Elderly written by Inés Hernández Cobreros

And these are our answers to the questions they pose:

Why write a blog?

The objective we set ourselves when writing this blog, is to make known relevant issues about older people and ageing.

Why name your blog?

Our blog is especially aimed at professionals in the sector, which is why it is called a professional blog, but it is open to everyone who is interested in the issues we deal with, and can access and participate in it.

Is your blog connected to social networks?

It is connected to Social Networks through our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles.

Do you think it serves you professionally or personally?

Professionally it serves us to make known what we do in our organization.

What could be the soundtrack of your blog?

A quote that you like very, very much...

The two previous questions should be answered by all the professionals who are part of Matia Fundazioa.

Does your blog take accessibility into account? If not, are you considering improving it in that respect?

Accessibility is important for our blog, which is why we are currently working on it.

Do you remember your first typewriter?

Do you use a tablet? How do you "disconnect" from the world?

Sweet or salty?

Tell me a place to eat in your city...

As I pointed out before, the questions with a more personal approach (I point them out in bold) should be answered by all the professionals who make up Matia Fundazioa, so from here I encourage you to participate and leave us your answers in the comments of the post.

For the blogs we nominated we leave the following questions:

  1. How long have you been writing the blog?
  2. Why did you decide to start it?
  3. What does writing a blog mean to you?
  4. What do you think your blog brings?
  5. What social networks do you use to spread it?
  6. Of the networks you use, which one do you get the most publicity from?
  7. Does your blog take accessibility into account and are you planning to improve it in this respect?
  8. What topics have been most widely disseminated in your blog?
  9. Do you recommend a book that matches the theme of your blog?
  10. And a film?
  11. How would you encourage someone who is thinking of writing a blog?

And finally, we would like to thank all the people at Matia Fundazioa who have participated in writing this blog to date, as without them this prize would not have been possible.

Thank you very much!




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