Nursing homes

Located in Zumárraga, next to the Hospital of the same name, it is equipped with all the advances in the field of gerontology, responding to the model of care based on personalised care and the important work of a large multidisciplinary team of professionals.

This Residential Centre has a three-storey building, distributed in two wings, with open and very luminous spaces; and it is organised in small nuclei prepared with all the necessary services.

Its objective is to achieve the greatest wellbeing of the person and their family through the provision of the appropriate and necessary support at all times, promoting their autonomy.

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Unidad socio sanitaria, fachadaUnidad socio sanitaria, interiorUnidad socio sanitaria, habitaciónUnidad socio sanitaria, gimnasioUnidad socio sanitaria, sala de estarUnidad socio sanitaria
Servicios del centro: 
  • Gerontological health care, social care and psychological care.
  • Programmes to promote cognitive abilities and functional autonomy.
  • Programmes to promote social relations and community participation.
  • Programmes for leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Physiotherapy service.
  • Hairdressing service (optional).
  • Podology service (optional).
  • Own laundry service.
  • Own catering service.
Tipo de plaza: 

The Centre has both subsidised and private places. 

  • Residential Places.
  • Psychogeriatric Residential Places.
  • Temporary stays.

If you need a private place, do not hesitate to contact our Matia Orienta Service.

Barrio Izazpi, 20
20700 Zumarraga
943 72 98 48 - argixao.asocial@gerozerlan.eus