Centres for Disability

Located in Zumárraga, next to the Hospital of the same name, it is equipped with all the advances in the field of gerontology, responding to the model of care based on personalised care and the important work of a large multidisciplinary team of professionals.

The unit for people with disabilities is structured in a way that facilitates the user's movements, and respects their needs and wishes (personalisation, privacy, capacity of choice...) and therefore seeks environments that are not only accessible, but also friendly, as close to the home environment as possible.

The aim of care is to achieve the best quality of life for the people who live there and their families.

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Unidad socio sanitaria, fachadaUnidad socio sanitaria, habitaciónUnidad socio sanitaria, interiorUnidad socio sanitaria, gimnasioUnidad socio sanitaria, sala de estarUnidad socio sanitaria
Barrio Izazpi, 20
20700 Zumarraga
943 72 98 48 - argixao.asocial@gerozerlan.eus