Nursing homes

Located in Zizurkil, the Fraisoro Gerontological Centre is located in a villa surrounded by gardens, in a rural setting surrounded by mountains and nature.

It is a unique environment that allows residents to enjoy open-air spaces with unparalleled views of the outdoors. The centre has extensive communal facilities, different environments, gardens and walking areas.

The aim of the centre is to achieve the greatest wellbeing of the person and their family through the provision of the appropriate and necessary support at all times, promoting their autonomy.

Galería de fotos: 
Centro Fraisoro, exteriorCentro Fraisoro, habitaciónCentro Fraisoro, sala de estarCentro FraisoroCentro FraisoroCentro Fraisoro
Servicios del centro: 
  • Health Care, Social Care and Psychological Care Gerontological Care
  • Programmes to promote cognitive abilities and functional autonomy.
  • Programmes to promote social relations and community participation
  • Programmes for leisure activities and hobbies
  • Hairdressing Service (optional)
  • Chiropody service (optional)
  • Physiotherapy Service (optional)
  • Own laundry service
  • Own restaurant service
Tipo de plaza: 

The Centre has both subsidised and private places. 

  • Residential Places
  • Psychogeriatric Residential Places
  • Residential Place with Maintenance Physiotherapy
  • Residential Places for People with Advanced Illnesses
  • Temporary Stays

If you need a private place, do not hesitate to contact our Matia Orienta Service.

Elbarrena Diseminado, 12
20150 Zizurkil
943 69 60 51 - fraisoro@matiafundazioa.eus