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Our Day Care Centres are specialised care centres, where we accompany elderly people during the day who suffer from problems typical of old age, such as: loneliness, physical, mental or functional disability.

In this service we work with a model of care centred on the person, the Matia model. The centre of attention is the person and their life project. Respect for their dignity, their rights, their preferences and the search for personal wellbeing are essential values of our care model, which is why the organisation of the centre and care are clearly focused on the person.

Care is provided on the basis of the Comprehensive Individualised Assessment and the design of the Care and Life Plan, which is carried out jointly by all the professionals at the centre and is agreed between them, the person and the family.

The Centre's team is interdisciplinary and is made up of professionals who are highly qualified in caring for the elderly.

The person is supported in the promotion of their autonomy and independence through activities of daily living. 

As support, the person and their family will have a reference professional to contact within the care team of the centre.

How do we do it?

  • By studying and assessing their tastes, desires, abilities and life history, we try to offer them home environments and daily life activities that can satisfy them and keep them active and participative as far as possible.
  • We monitor his evolution since his admission in order to change and adapt the activities to the new needs that his condition poses.
  • Maintaining constant communication between all the professionals who care for the person and working with an interdisciplinary vision (medical, health, social, psychological, daily care...) to attack problems with global and coordinated solutions. 
  • Maintaining a relationship and communication with families and promoting their participation in some decisions, in the life and activities of the centres. 

If you need a private place, do not hesitate to contact us through the Matia Orienta Service.


Julián Rezola
Avda. Zarauz, 123 - 20018 Donostia - San Sebastián
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Fermín Calbetón, 19 - 20003 Donostia · San Sebastián
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Pinu Bidea 35 - 20018 Donostia - San Sebastián
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Joseba Zubimendi , 1 - 20015 Donostia · San Sebastián
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Barrio Izazpi, 20 - 20700 Zumarraga
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Elbarrena Diseminado, 12 - 20150 Zizurkil
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