Our geriatric consultations allow us to assess the geriatric pathologies of the elderly. This identification allows us to infividually monitor the evolution of each person's state of health.

The assessment is carried out in an interdisciplinary manner with the participation of the geriatrician, nurse and neuropsychologist. It covers the cognitive-behavioural aspect (memory, language, reasoning, attention...), the affective situation, the functional state and the social situation.

Each patient receives personalised care with the aim of improving their quality of life and preventing or delaying the different pathologies associated with the ageing process.

Patient profile in consultation:

  • Elderly, multi-pathological patient with a lot of medication who comes for a study of cognitive impairment.
  • Patient with behavioural alteration in the context of probable dementia who comes for assessment and treatment.
  • Patient with affective disorder without cognitive impairment.
  • Patient with psychotic symptoms without cognitive impairment.
  • Patients with personality disorders whose family wants them to be calmer and more manageable.
  • Elderly patient with multiple pathologies who the family doctor wants the polypharmacy to be assessed.
  • Patient who comes for pain control, with pain that is difficult to control.
  • Patient with functional deterioration and instability when ealking.

Within the consultations, the family is also supported by giving them recommendations on how to continue caring for their family member at home.