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Innovation and Management


Organisation and Management model

Our Organisational Model aims to identify people as the greatest asset of the organisation and give them the opportunity to participate in a common project, creating a climate of trust that favours acting with responsibility but with freedom and solidarity, channelling the creativity that exists in everyone to identify opportunities for improvement, all focused on the best achievement of the Mission, Vision and Values of Matia Fundazioa.

Management model

The Matia Fundazioa Management Model integrates the Process Management Model with the values associated with our Organisational Model, favouring transparency in information and communication, decision-making capacity, freedom and responsibility, customer focus and results orientation.

Recognitions and certificates

Reconocimientos y certificados                      

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Matia fundazaioa establishes the channels and methodology for identifying problems, areas for improvement, ideas and opportunities that enable continuous progress and innovation in management, activities, products and services. It is an open system that is built with the contributions of all stakeholders.