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Memory and Alzheimer's Unit

Memory and Alzheimer's Unit

The Memory and Alzheimer's Unit (UMA) is the first in the Basque Country to offer assistance to people with memory disorders or other cognitive functions (language, reasoning, attention, etc.), as well as their families. The UMA attends to the group of people affected, making available to them:

  • An Assessment Unit.
  • An Intervention and Treatment Unit.

By means of an interdisciplinary team, an accurate diagnosis is made and a personalised treatment and care plan is implemented according to the case of each person.

When to make an assessment

It is advisable to carry out the assessment if there is a suspicion of memory or other cognitive function impairment or disorder. It should also be carried out if:

  • There are behavioural changes: they are more withdrawn in social situations, they are more aggressive, they have to be encouraged to do things, they are easily distracted or lose the thread of the conversation, they shop compulsively...
  • They have problems in self-care: they are more untidy...
  • They show problems in carrying out household tasks: cooking, shopping, using household appliances, etc., or in handling money.
  • They show emotional problems: mood swings, irritability...

How to do a valoration

The assessment is carried out by an interdisciplinary professional team including:

  • 1 neuropsychologist.
  • 1 geriatrician.
  • 1 neurologist.

The assessment consists of a comprehensive battery of tests in which a number of measures are taken:

  • Cognitive functioning (memory, language, reasoning, attention...).
  • Affective functioning.
  • Physical condition (a complete medical and neurological check-up).

The interdisciplinary team analyses the results of the assessment and designs the most appropriate care plan and improvement programme for the person. In addition, the person's evolution will be monitored periodically.