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Rehabilitation Centres


Matia Fundazioa has been providing outpatient care to patients, covered by the Basque Health System, referred by the units of the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Osakidetza - Basque Health Service network, the aim of this service being:

To assess, treat and prevent disabilities of patients who access the rehabilitation service with the aim of achieving their cure or functional improvement in the most efficient way possible, satisfying their expectations and those of the institutions that send them to us. All of this, seeking the maximum involvement and satisfaction of the people and professional teams and aiming for the rehabilitation service to be perceived as a reference in this field within the surrounding population.

The provision of rehabilitation services includes:

• The appointment of rehabilitation and speech therapy patients.
• Carrying out the Clinical Rehabilitation Study.
• The provision of the necessary rehabilitation treatment.
• The administrative management and clinical documentation arising from the activity carried out.

To provide the service we have the following centres:


Zarautz Rehabilitation centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Nafarroa, 9  20800  Zarautz. Tel.: 943 89 43 09 - Email:rehabilitacion.zarautz@matiafundazioa.eus


Bermingham centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Camino de los pinos 35 - Donostia-San Sebastián. Tel.:943 31 71 00 - Email: hospital.bermingham@matiafundazioa.eus


Amara centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Carlos I Nº1 Donostia-San Sebastián. Tel.: 943 47 40 84 - Email:rehabilitacion.amara@matiafundazioa.eus


Usandizaga centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation / Logopedia
Usandizaga, 4, Donostia-San Sebastián. Tel.: 943 44 00 88 - Email:rehabilitacion.usandizaga@matiafundazioa.eus


Hernani centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Pº Oriamendi,  2, Hernani. Tel.: 943 33 56 89 - Email: rehabilitacion.hernani@matiafundazioa.eus


Sagastieder centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Paseo de Galicia, 26
 Donostia-San Sebastián. Tel.: 943 32 68 13 - Email: rehabilitacion.sagastieder@matiafundazioa.eus


Lasarte centre
Services: Outpatient Rehabilitation
Juan de Garay, 3, Bajo, Lasarte-Oria. Tel.: 943 37 65 02 - Email:rehabilitacion.lasarte@matiafundazioa.eus

43.065055, -2.4918093

Arrasate Logopedia centre (Associated centre)

Services: Logopedia

Erdiko Kalea, 37 Arrasate. Tel.: 943797946