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Residential home for people with disabilities


Matia opts for a person-centred care model that involves assigning the main role to the users. 

The focus of care, and therefore of the organisation and care processes, is the person and their life project. We provide specialised care for the needs of people affected by permanent disability, whether due to neurological disorders, vascular disorders, cerebral palsy, sclerosis and others, or brain injuries resulting from accidents of various kinds (traffic, work, sport).

Respect for their dignity, their rights, their preferences and the search for personal wellbeing are essential values of our model of care. The person is supported in the promotion of his or her autonomy through the performance of daily activities of life.


Care is provided on the basis of the Comprehensive Individualised Assessment and the design of the Care and Life Plan, which is carried out jointly by all the professionals at the centre and is agreed between them, the person and the family.

The care team is interdisciplinary and is made up of professionals who are highly qualified in caring for people who have significant limitations in their personal autonomy.