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Budy's life in our IZA Center

What did you expect your life to be like at Iza?

The word "Residence or Centre" was associated with restrictions; closed hours, strict rules, control... but with time I realised that this was not the case.

I had spent 45 years demonstrating that I could be independent and autonomous and I thought that living at the Iza centre went against everything I had fought for...

Although I was aware of the moment I was living and my situation, I did not want to be here... it was a long and hard process of adaptation, but nowadays I can say that I live and make my life here 100%....

How do you feel at Iza today?

How do I feel at Iza today? Very comfortable. I do everything I want and need; details as important to me as going to buy toothpaste on my own without the help of others, I organize my time and receive visitors, I dedicate myself to my things with total freedom, I receive the attention I need and my opinion is taken into account...

How do I find myself at Iza? At Iza I am at home...

How is your relationship with the workers at the centre?

My relationship with the staff is very good; always joking, in a good mood. I like that and it makes me feel good. But they also know how to "open my eyes" to give me advice and even call my attention when necessary, because I recognise that I've always been a bit stubborn and a bit impulsive.

The treatment in general is close and they take into account what I think and feel. As far as possible they adapt to my habits and customs which are among the things I value most.

All the people who work here know us perfectly and that seems important to me. I have also learnt to use the words thank you and please more often and also to be patient, because "at home" we live a lot...

And with your colleagues?

I get on very well with my colleagues, I don't relate to everyone but that's normal. We are all very different and each one has his own life...

I can't relate to everyone and some don't understand me.

The gym is our meeting point and when there are many of us, it becomes a "market" where people come and go, talking, arguing, laughing, shouting and of course doing gymnastics and programs... although sometimes we put "the head as a bass drum" to Leire, Maider and Edurne.

What would you change or improve?

Personally I would like to change the floor, but I'm not going to complain because on the floor where I am, I have a single room and not everyone has...

On the other hand, on a general level, and speaking also through my colleagues, the ideal would be for the centre and meal times to be even more flexible; that we wouldn't have to get up so early in the morning, be able to choose the menu even though personal adaptations are already made, or eat "not so healthy" things.

What changes would you highlight since you live here?

What I would highlight is the change that living here has meant for me; Assuming in a calm and "normal" way my current situation; understanding the needs I have today and accepting the help I need. Before, words like catheter and nappy distressed me, now I accept them with total normality. I have cerebral palsy, I need help, but I am not sick.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I wanted to remind you that if you are interested you can read my life story in my book "I have cerebral palsy, but I am not sick", and you can also follow me on my blog.

Greetings to all of you



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