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Day care centres

Located in Donostia, in the Antiguo neighbourhood, the Juan Rezola Centre has facilities equipped with maximum comfort. Set in an urban environment, it is a centre with a homely and friendly atmosphere with spacious communal facilities and garden and walking areas for residents and their social and family network.

Rezola is a reference point for Matia Fundazioa, the place where Matia implements the most innovative therapies and new models of care, promoting the autonomy of the elderly. The centre aims to achieve the greatest wellbeing of the person and their family through the provision of the appropriate and necessary support at all times, promoting their autonomy. 

Galería de fotos: 
Centro Julián Rezola, fachadaCentro Julián Rezola, habitaciónCentro Julián Rezola, sala de estarCentro Julián Rezola, sala de esperaCentro Julián Rezola, sala de esperaCentro Julián Rezola
Servicios del centro: 
  • Gerontological health care, social care and psychological care.
  • Programmes to promote cognitive abilities and functional autonomy.
  • Programmes to promote social relations and community participation.
  • Programmes for leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Hairdressing service (optional).
  • Chiropody service (optional).
  • Physiotherapy service (optional).
  • Own laundry service.
  • Own catering service.
  • Transport service.
Tipo de plaza: 

If you need a private place, do not hesitate to contact our Matia Orienta Service.

Julián Rezola
Avda. Zarauz, 123
20018 San Sebastián
943 31 71 20 - rezola@matiafundazioa.eus