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Centres for Disability

The Petra Lekuona Centre, in Oiartzun, is located in a unique enclave, a rural setting surrounded by mountains and nature and with all the comforts of being in the heart of the town.

It is an ideal environment that allows residents to enjoy open-air spaces with unbeatable views of the outdoors and has extensive communal facilities, different atmospheres, gardens and walking areas.

The Residential Unit for people with Severe Mental Disorder (URTMS) aims to improve the capabilities, personal and relational skills of people in order to promote their personal development, their integration and participation with the environment and improve their quality of life, through processes of psychosocial rehabilitative intervention.


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9 places arranged with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

Petra Lekuona
Iparralde etorbidea, 13
20180 Oiartzun
943 261 080 - pl.recepcion@matiafundazioa.eus