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These are homes for elderly people with a sufficient degree of personal autonomy. These small accommodation units bring together residents with similar characteristics.


Located in the heart of the Old Part of Donostia, Elizaran is a social resource centre specialised for elderly people, both autonomous and dependent, and for people with mental disabilities or diverse functional needs. It is a community centre, plural and multifunctional, where the main objective is to achieve the best quality of life for these people and their families.

The supervised flats are homes for elderly people with a sufficient degree of personal autonomy. They are configured as small accommodation units in which the residents have similar characteristics.

The Elizaran centre, in addition to accommodation and cohabitation, offers medical care and security services. The main objective is to encourage them to remain in their usual environment and promote their integration into the community.

The supervised flats at the Elizaran centre have single and double rooms designed especially for the needs of the residents, with the adaptation of all the equipment and furniture. Each flat has all the necessary services; kitchen, large bedroom, adapted bathroom.

They are aimed at all self-employed people living in the municipality of Donostia and are accessed through the basic Social Services.

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Servicios del centro: 
  • Gerontological health care, social care and psychological care.
  • Programmes to promote cognitive abilities and functional autonomy.
  • Programmes to promote social relations and community participation.
  • Programmes for leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Hairdressing service (optional).
  • Chiropody service (optional).
  • Physiotherapy service (optional).
  • Own laundry service.
  • Own catering service.
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