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Customes Service (CS)



Promote, collect and analyse the opinion of patients, users and their families as well as their requests, complaints, suggestions and thanks so that these are taken into account and become opportunities for the movement of the organisation.


  • It monitors and ensures compliance with the rights of users.
  • Promotes, attends to and processes all complaints, suggestions and incidents presented by users or their families.
  • Promotes the establishment of preventive, corrective and improvement actions
  • It monitors the effectiveness of these measures
  • Informs all parties involved and related processes
  • Conducts annual satisfaction surveys and communicates the results.
  • Attends to exercises of people's rights in terms of personal data and clinical history.

Do you want to make a complaint, claim, suggestion or report an incident or thank you?

  • In person at the centre by communicating your contribution to a professional
  • By depositing your contribution in the centre's suggestion box.
  • By e-mail to the SAU (sau@matiafundazioa.eus)
  • In person with an appointment arranged with the SAU


Camino de los Pinos 35 de Donostia
Tel.: 943317100
Service Responsible: Alberto Uriarte