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MatiaZaleak and Guuk join forces within the framework of #100fluencers to reduce the digital divide for seniors.



  • They will raise funds to analyze the stereotypes of aging in social networks, generate an audiovisual collection to raise awareness and provide digital training for the elderly. 
  • MatiaZaleak activates a crowdfunding and invites to contribute to the cause with contributions or with the purchase of MatiaZaleak solidarity products. 
  • Guuk, in addition to its knowledge and technology, will donate 75€ for each fiber + cell phone subscription and 25€ for each cell phone subscription made through www.100fluencers.eus.
  • The elderly represent 25% of the population, but their presence in social networks worldwide represents only 1%, although in the pandemic has accelerated the reduction of this digital divide

(Donostia-San Sebastian, May 11, 2021). This morning a press conference was held at Matia Fundazioa to present the #100fluencers initiative promoted by MatiaZaleak (Matia Fundazioa), which has been joined by the Basque telecommunications operator Guuk. #100fluencers aims to mobilize society as a whole and people of all ages to jointly seek the integration of the elderly and the elimination of stereotypes in the digital world. It is about reconnecting older people with a world that is more digital than ever.
One of the areas in which the pandemic has shown the greatest gap between generations has been the digital one. Despite the fact that the elderly represent 25% of the population, their presence on social networks worldwide represents only 1%. In this sense, the pandemic has boosted the reduction of the digital divide among the elderly and there are studies that speak of a reduction of up to 6 points (http://envejecimientoenred.es/las-personas-mayores-reducen-la-brecha-digital/). However, there is still progress to be made. Older people still do not have the same access and presence in digital media as other people in lower age groups. This entails risks such as difficulty in carrying out administrative procedures, a feeling of isolation, loneliness... But it also means impoverishment for the rest of society due to the lack of visibility of the experiences and knowledge of older people in the digital environment. 

Guuk shares this vision and has joined the project to promote it both in the research phase and in the subsequent development phase of the tools that may be needed to address the digital divide. "We are very excited to be able to participate in this enriching initiative because we believe that technology can be an ally for the elderly. They have built the foundations of the society we now enjoy, thanks to values such as work and sacrifice. We cannot abandon them or leave them alone in the face of problems such as loneliness. We firmly believe that technology can be a very useful tool for them. We want to provide #100fluencers with our knowledge, our technology and everything in our power so that they can use technology in their daily lives and reconnect with their loved ones", explained Juanan Goñi, CEO of Guuk, during the presentation of the initiative.

#100fluencers: one project, three blocks

This initiative, designed by MatiaZaleak, consists of three blocks. On the one hand, an analysis of stereotypes of aging shown by social networks will be carried out, for which a study will be conducted by Matia Instituto to analyze the labels and stereotypes linked to aging and their evolution in social networks, digital media and scientific literature. 
In a second block, it will address how to equip and train older people in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The pandemic has given an important boost to the reduction of the digital divide. But there are still people, especially older people, who cannot connect to the Internet and do not know how to use technology for information and communication. In this way, they are excluded from an increasingly digitalized reality (transactions with the administration, online banking, RRSS...), exposing themselves to situations of loneliness and isolation. In short, the digital divide can prevent many seniors from making a doctor's appointment or communicating with their family.

And finally, #100fluencers aims to raise awareness about the views of aging. To this end, videos will begin to be broadcast, starting today, reflecting conversations between different generations about what it means to grow old, what stereotypes exist, how we use them... All this with the aim of raising awareness in society of the importance of all of us being part of the digital world and, in the same way, to value the concept of aging from a positive perspective.  
Beatriz Cuadrado, is one of the protagonists of the awareness-raising videos, and as we have been able to hear her say: "networks fill the empty space if you are alone".
Santi Hernández, creative director of the awareness campaign helps us to see, with the design of this campaign, that all of us who participate, share, and spread and apply this message, we are all #100fluencers.

Contributions to #100fluencers
Everyone who wants to support the project can do so by participating in the crowdfunding enabled on the website https://www.matiazaleak.eus/es/crowdfunding-social/100fluencers or by purchasing MatiaZaleak solidarity products. For its part, Guuk will donate 75 € for each fiber + mobile and 25 € for each mobile line registration made through the campaign website www.100fluencers.eus.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is celebrated on May 17.
We frame this initiative on the occasion of the celebration of the following international days on May 17. World Internet Day and World Telecommunications and Information Society Day are celebrated on this day, whose objectives fully support those of the initiative itself: to raise awareness of what technology and the Internet can offer to society, and also to reduce the digital divide.

About Matia Fundazioa and Matiazaleak
Matia Fundazioa is a private non-profit foundation in the general interest with more than 130 years of experience. It is a reference in the care of the elderly in Guipuzcoa and in research on aging at national and international level. Working on the principles of person-centered care, its purpose is to accompany people in their aging process to improve their welfare, generating knowledge and personalized services that promote their autonomy and dignity. 
In 2002, it decided to create a research institute (Matia Instituto) that facilitates research/action integration and the generation of knowledge based on evidence and daily practice. 
In 2016, it launches MatiaZaleak in charge of the implementation of initiatives that contribute to the Welfare of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities and that adds to all those people and entities that support the purpose of the Foundation.

About Guuk
Guuk is the new Basque telecommunications services operator "by and for the people here", which is born with a clear, simple offer, at fair prices and forever and with the vocation of being the operator with the most satisfied customers in the Basque Country and Navarre. Guuk bases its differential element on being the only local operator with its own fiber optic and mobile telecommunications networks covering almost the entire Basque Country. Guuk is an industrial project born in the Basque Country that generates wealth and employment in the Basque Country and Navarra. All Guuk's Fiber + Mobile tariffs offer 600Mb Symmetrical speed. Fastest network according to the Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Spain of the first half of 2020 conducted by NPERF SAS independently.

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