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Results of the InCARE pilot project presented

  • Matia Instituto and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa collaborate in the pilot of InCARE, a project with European funding that addresses improvements in the Sendian programme.
  • InCARE identifies quantitative improvements in overload, wellbeing and quality of life
  • InCARE is nominated for the ESN awards in the category "Research & Evaluation"

A meeting of the InCARE pilot carried out in Gipuzkoa took place this Thursday at Matia's offices in the Bermigham Hospital, attended by carers, social workers from local councils, professionals from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, and other experts who have been accompanying us since the beginning of the project.

The meeting gave us the opportunity to present the main results of this pilot project, as well as to share the process and learn first-hand about the experiences of both professionals and carers in relation to their participation.

The main objective of InCARE, a project coordinated by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research of Vienna with funding from the European Commission through the EaSI programme, is to develop a proposed roadmap for the development of person-centred long-term care systems, through a participatory, innovative and integrated design, with the aim of promoting a better quality of life for the people supported and better support for their family carers. This international project consists of 3 pilots in Austria, North Macedonia and Spain, the latter through the collaboration between Matia and Imserso.

Within this framework of action, the pilot has focused on the development of the SENDIAN programme, an initiative of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa that provides support to family members caring for people with dementia.

In the pilot project, the aim was to promote, in contact with the administration and social services, that people caring for a person with dementia have their care needs covered through case management support. As a result of the changes introduced by InCARE, quantitative improvements in overload, wellbeing and quality of life have been identified for people participating in the SENDIAN programme.

Throughout the morning, in addition to the results, we were able to see the design of the project, co-created through the Theory of Change methodology, in sessions in which family caregivers, professionals, administration, volunteers and research participated.

The event also offered us the opportunity to enjoy a video documentary about the project, which includes the experiences of family carers and professionals involved in the project.


Before concluding, we reflected on the future steps for the sustainability of this social innovation project.

InCARE nominated to the ESN Social Services Awards

InCARE has recently been nominated for the European Social Services Awards of the European Social Network (ESN), something we are particularly excited about as it is an award that recognises the most innovative and successful European proposals in the field of social services.

The theme chosen for the 2023 edition of these awards is "Promoting Person-Centred Care". Under this theme, the awards recognise the work of organisations and individuals who are rethinking care services to deliver person-centred care, coordinated across services and professionals, enabling people to live independent lives and be fully included in their communities.

The pilot of the InCARE project falls under the category "Research & Eavaluation". If you want to support us, you can do so by voting on the following link: https://essa-eu.org/vote2023/

Fotografía del equipo de Matia Instituto para el proyecto InCAREFotografía de la sesión de presentación del proyecto InCARE en GipuzkoaFotografía de la sesión de presentación del proyecto InCARE en GipuzkoaFotografía de la sesión de presentación del proyecto InCARE en GipuzkoaFotografía de la sesión de presentación del proyecto InCARE en Gipuzkoa