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This unit has 41 beds and its main objective:

The assessment, treatment and prevention of disabilities of patients with the aim of achieving their cure or functional improvement in the most efficient way possible in order to be readapted to daily life, through individualised, continuous and comprehensive care that takes into account the physical and functional aspects of the disability, the patient's comorbidity, as well as the psychological, emotional and social conditioning factors.

The specific objectives are:

  • Once the acute phase of the illness has passed, to provide them with the services necessary for their maximum possible functional recovery.
  • Reincorporate them, with the highest possible quality of life, into their family environment or the most suitable social/health resource, guaranteeing at all times the continuity of the care they require.
  • Educate the patient and the family in the management of residual disability.

The Orthogeriatrics project has been set up in this unit.

In 2010, the ORTHOGERIATRY unit was created to care for patients with hip fractures discharged early from the Traumatology Service of the Hospital Donostia and Hospital del Bidasoa, having brought about a positive change in the Rehabilitation Process with an increase in the profile of patients cared for to a group with a better previous psychophysical situation.