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Our speech therapy service deals with the prevention, evaluation and treatment of human communication disorders, manifested through pathologies and alterations in voice, speech, language (oral, written and gestural), hearing and orofacial functions, both in children and adults.

Our service treats the following pathologies:

  • Vocal rehabilitation treatment for dysphonia with organic lesions.
  • Nodules, polyps, oedemas, vocal cord paralysis, spastic dysphonia, etc.
  • Voice therapy for professionals (speakers - teachers - trainers) to learn how to use and project the voice correctly at high intensity or in a noisy environment.
  • Speech therapy for patients with aphasia as a consequence of stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain haemorrhage, etc.
  • Speech therapy: stuttering, dysarthria, dyslalia, cleft palate.
  • Speech therapy for children with simple language delay and specific language delay.
  • Treatment of children with atypical swallowing and neurogenic dysphagia.
  • Treatment of children with Down's Syndrome, mental retardation, TGD, or other syndromes that present speech and language problems.

(*) In cases of dysphonia, you must first see your ENT specialist and present a report with your diagnosis. Sessions of 30 minutes.