Una mujer mayor participa en un taller de cerámica
30 May 2022
Art is an inseparable part of our nature, our emotions, our sensitivity, our creativity, our curiosity. It leads us along unexplored paths in our...
Taza en el alfeizar de una ventana
06 September 2021
On this occasion we bring you closer to a common situation in dementias such as the loss of the sensation of being thirsty. We do it with a double...
Coro de personas con demencia
18 November 2020
Music to feel part of the world again It's been nearly two years since it all started... since the music, the chords and the intonation, will come...
Mujer mayor poniendo la mesa
29 May 2020
It’s time we talked. No longer can the discussion of the care of people living in long term care facilities be ignored, be sloughed off, for another...