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Atención centrada en la persona

Fotografía de Shiwa Sawano
24 May 2020
I came across Robin Hammond’s photographs on Instagram.   It was the extraordinary, earthy beauty of the portraits that first...
Mujer mayor y su familiar se miran y sonríen
07 May 2020
The importance of Architectural Design as an alternative to Medicalization. These days we all have experienced what it is like to live indoors,...
Una mujer mayor conversa con una mujer joven en su domicilio
27 April 2020
As the days go by, the threat baptized by the WHO as "Covid-19" has taken on dimensions that we would have found difficult to imagine, especially...
manos de una persona mayor escribiendo
15 January 2020
I recently took part in a podcast about consenting research participants. I enjoyed being part of this podcast because it was an...
11 August 2014
Today's entry is a post to thank all our volunteers. People who decide to dedicate part of their personal space and time in a supportive way. We...