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Pareja de mujeres mayores lesbianas se acomodan las gafas
13 June 2024
This June 15, international day of awareness of abuse and mistreatment in old age, from Matia Fundazioa we launched the campaign "Sexual rights do...
Las palabras sí importan
16 February 2021
The relationship between language and thought, how words construct thought and how our beliefs are consolidated or modified through them, has been...
Fotografía a tres figuras de los reyes magos
05 January 2021
Dearest Majesties: We are writing to you with great enthusiasm after a year that will not be easy to forget; although we are very much looking...
Mujer mayor poniendo la mesa
29 May 2020
It’s time we talked. No longer can the discussion of the care of people living in long term care facilities be ignored, be sloughed off, for another...