Retrato de mujer mayor sentada y contemplando el horizonte
08 March 2023
On a day like today, International Women's Day, it seemed appropriate to reflect on our approach to the binomial age and gender, and how language and...
Fotografía a tres figuras de los reyes magos
05 January 2021
Dearest Majesties: We are writing to you with great enthusiasm after a year that will not be easy to forget; although we are very much looking...
Ilustración informe Bakardadeak
21 August 2020
A few weeks ago, in this same blog, we reflected on a complex and nuanced phenomenon such as "loneliness", raising some questions that led us to...
Cartel anunciador en medio de un campo con el mensaje: "habla"
19 May 2020
Loneliness is one of the great current issues, both from an academic and a social point of view. We are talking about a phenomenon that, in recent...