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Mayte's journey

These days, winds of change are blowing in this house, accompanied for many of us by a tenuous feeling of nostalgia and orphanhood. Matia knows a lot about that.  Change, constant adaptation to losses and uncertainties is surely the key to hnder more than one hundred years of life. That and the people who have made this environment a place where life triumphs over pain a loss. 

With these lines we would like to show our recognition to Mayte Sancho; a person committed to dignity, respect and things done well. A person without whom this house would not be what it is today.

It is not easy to portray Mayte in a few words. Activist, stubborn, committed, innovative, visionary, companion, friend... and above all a teacher, although certainly not intended. A teacher of generations of professionals who are following in her wake to put ageing on the agenda of policy makers, but also accompanying people's lives in this process.

Mayte's career has been a non-stop one. From a small home for the elderly in Segovia to the INSERSO of the 80s, where there was a need for ideas, work, tenacity and networks of committed professionals. And there was Mayte with that eye she has for seeing opportunities, generating projects and, from nothing, making alliances with each other. From there came countless pioneering initiatives, training activities, studies, work groups, etc. that already spoke of the need to change the Care Model... Yes, yes, in the 80s.  Then came Portal Mayores, with the setting up of a young working team, which today is almost maintained as a family. And her time at the SEGG, as the first Vice-President of Social Sciences, was a great success!

In 2008, you arrived at Matia giving birth to and making this organisation grow, setting up a multitude of projects and initiatives driven by an innovative approach and incorporating aspects as valuable to you as diversity, normalisation and, of course, a good dose of activism... Always in favour of the DIGNITY of people. Always working for a better society. That longed-for care society. A work that you have been developing from research and teaching, through countless studies, campaigns, research, programmes, planning and strategies, changes in care models, new housing alternatives ... and a long etc. Always transmitting to those around us the importance of reciprocal care, respecting the feelings of each person and their life history, warm and stimulating. In this way you also take care of us in the moments we share.

You have inspired and made each and every one of these initiatives a reality, always opening doors and promoting the leadership and protagonism of your team. In front of, behind and accompanying researchers, politicians and professionals who, at many times, thought that this was either "already done" or "impossible". Although we later realised that neither of these things was true.

Moreover, thanks to you, we expanded our team and opened an office in Madrid. And the truth is that we haven't stopped growing, in every sense of the word. We've even reached Denmark!

Thank you Mayte, thank you very much. And not only for making us grow professionally, or as an organization. On a personal level you support us, you guide us, you listen to us, you accompany us... Because you take care of us, because you always have a word of encouragement, a push, a gesture of trust.....that blessed patience! Hehe...

We owe you a lot, including part of our own identity as Matia. You have been and are a great driving force in our pride in working for the advancement of the welfare of older people, but also in working in this organisation by your side. Thank you for imbuing us with joy, confidence, rigor and enthusiasm in our work and above all for being the best example of enjoying what we do! 

¡THANK YOU for being there ALWAYS!

We don't like goodbyes either, so as you rightly say: WE GO ON...together on this path.




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