New European studies on elderly care with the participation of Matia


Three new reports resulting from the work of the European consortium "SEE ME" have been published, offering new perspectives on the care of older people in Europe. The first of these, "SEEing social and meaning needs, talents and dreams of older adults receiving (informal) care" is a study that looks at the importance of the social and meaning needs, talents and dreams of older adults receiving care. It explains the concept and the European...

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We are looking for a Recruitment Technician


Matia is an organisation with more than 130 years of experience in the geriatric sector. With more than 1,300 professionals, we need to recruit a Recruitment Technician for the organisation. The tasks of the post are as follows: Drafting, publication and follow-up of offers. Recruitment and selection of technical profiles. Management of Employment Portals and new sources of recruitment. Telephone, face-to-face and online...

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Matia will accompany people with the Home Help Service in the municipality of Tolosa in their homes


Matia will accompany people with a home help service in the municipality of Tolosa in their homes. Tolosa joins Villabona, Ordizia, Oñati and Beasain as a municipality where Matia Goxara provides the home help service. The development of the attention centred on the person is one of the key elements in the accompaniment by Matia Goxara to the people who need support in the municipality. Donostia-San Sebastián, 1st February 2023...

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Elena del Barrio en la presentación de la estrategia

The new Basque Strategy for Older People 2021-2024 moves towards a new formulation of a full life beyond active ageing


The strategy is based on eleven driving projects to promote five axes: active citizenship, transitions and life projects, autonomy and fragility, attention and care, and research and innovation. Councillor Artolazabal highlights that the strategy includes "a change of perspective based on a different conception of what it means to grow old". In 2020, 22.5% of Basque citizens will be aged 65 or over, and it is expected that by 2060 the...

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Usurbil marks its roadmap to start the transformation of its "Care Ecosystem".


- This roadmap, which will be implemented from 2023, has been elaborated in a participatory manner counting for this purpose with the institutions, the care sector, members of the community, users and their families, and social agents. - Zaintza Azoka" has been the meeting point where the process of transformation of Usurbil's care model begins. - This transformation process is part of the "Zaintza Herri Lab" strategy of the Provincial...

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image announcing QAVAD's publications

Materials resulting from the QAVAD project, a proposal for the improvement of the quality of life in the home.


Maintaining quality of life at home is an important generational issue for the countries of the European Union. The recent pandemic has been a good illustration of this. With this in mind, the QAVAD (Qualité de Vie à Domicile) project, funded by the European Union's ERASMUS+ Programme, proposes to focus on the quality of life of elderly people at home. How? By promoting the necessary support for these people to maintain their autonomy, and...

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