Bankia Solidarity Network Recognition


Last week we visited us from Red Solidaria Bankia.  They thanked us and recognized us for the work of the Matia Fundazioa for the development of a music therapy program to encourage creativity and musical composition of the elderly. Thanks to the contribution of the San Sebastian Business Network we have been able to carry out this project.

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Matia Fundazioa and Emaus Fundacion Social


After a failed attempt, since the weather was not with us, we organize again a solidarity market with Emaus Social Foundation. From Matia Fundazioa, we are working intensively on a model of care focused on the people who come to our centers, adapting the entire organization to them, to their preferences and needs, to their families and friends to integrate them into our daily life. Our aim is that they can live "as if they were at home"....

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