HomeMatia Fundazioa nominated to the Pilares Foundation Awards for the Etxean Ondo and Euskadi Lagunkoia projects.

Matia Fundazioa nominated to the Pilares Foundation Awards for the Etxean Ondo and Euskadi Lagunkoia projects.


(Donostia-San Sebastian, April 14).  Matia Fundazioa has been nominated in five categories of the Pilares Foundation Awards for Good Practices related to the AICP" (Model of Integral and Person-Centered Care): Services or programs of care or intervention, Environmental and architectural design and actions, Support products and ICT, Organizational and/or methodological innovations and Research, evaluation and training programs. With these nominations, the Pilares Foundation recognizes the work being done by Matia Fundazioa in relation to the Model of Comprehensive and Person-Centered Care through its participation in the Etxean Ondo and Euskadi Lagunkoia programs.

The Pilares Foundation Awards for Best Practices related to PCIA, whose decision will be announced on May 23, recognize and highlight the different initiatives that have joined the Model and Environment Best Practices Network, while promoting the extension of the Comprehensive and Person-Centered Care Model (PCIA).

Etxean Ondo

The Etxean Ondo project is an initiative resulting from the collaboration agreement between the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government and the Matia Gerontological Institute Foundation (Matia Institute) to promote a model of care based on people's preferences, which, through professional care, promotes their autonomy. This includes care at home, in the environment and in residences.

Etxean Ondo intends to apply the model of comprehensive and person-centered care, aimed at "achieving improvements in all areas of quality of life and well-being of the person, based on full respect for their dignity and rights, their interests and preferences, and counting on their participation.

One of the main objectives of Etxean Ondo is to provide support and care to the elderly and people with disabilities and their families (living at home or in centers), so that they receive it in a comprehensive, coordinated and continuous manner and in the best conditions for their welfare and quality of life. Etxean Ondo also seeks to generate knowledge on the effectiveness and efficiency of this model that uses novel methodologies (case management, comprehensive and person-centered care) and integrates social and health coordination between levels and sectors.

Euskadi Lagunkoia

The Department of Employment and Social Policies in collaboration with Matia Instituto Gerontológico also takes an active part in the Euskadi Lagunkoia program. A project based on the "Age-friendly Environments Programme" initiative, promoted by the World Health Organization to promote active aging.

The project is based on the premise that the elderly are a valuable resource in the generation of well-being in our cities and towns, and active agents with a lot of potential that the program wants to take advantage of.