HomeMatia takes part in the Usurbil Care Fair on 19th November

Matia takes part in the Usurbil Care Fair on 19th November


We have been working for two long years now to build a new care ecosystem centred on the person, through a broad participatory process, in Usurbil. We asked ourselves: How do we want to care? How do we want to be cared for? What can the institutions, the community or the sector do to achieve this?

It is the moment to make known the contents elaborated in these two years and we want to share them with all of you, citizens, carers, technical and political representatives of the institutions. To this end, on 19 November we will be holding the Care Fair, with a very interesting programme. We would like to collect your contributions, opinions and proposals, so that the new care ecosystem is built, even more, from the bottom up and collectively: don't miss the opportunity to participate! To facilitate the organisational tasks, we ask you to register in advance. You have three ways to do this:

  1. Through the Usurbil Town Hall website: www.usurbil.eus/zaintza-azoka 
  2. By sending an email to: gizarte-zerbitzuak@usurbil.eus
  3. By phoning: 943 37 71 10


If you want to know more about the journey, we invite you to watch the press conference:




More information about the Usurbil Care Ecosystem HERE