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Second international meeting of the QAVAD project


On April 21st and 22nd the partners of the QAVAD (ERASMUS+) project met virtually and shared the work done so far, consisting of the presentation of 15 good practices in training and innovative experiences for home care collected. From Gipuzkoa, Nazareth and Matia Institute have presented five of the 15 practices collected, thanks to the collaboration and contribution of many entities of the territory, and the region. 

Progress has also been made in the definition and distribution of tasks for the coming months. Among them would be the design and development of a training program and a practical guide for home caregivers, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people who need support and promoting their desire to continue living in their homes.

The design of the programme and the guide will take into account the information collected in the practices and will ask the people concerned (professional carers, family members and elderly people) about their needs. Matia is leading the development of the guide, and is already working on the necessary tools and methodology to facilitate the participation of carers and older people, in a situation like the current one where face-to-face contact is limited.