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Retrato de una persona mayor en su cuarto
09 January 2022
  The steady and unstoppable growth of ageing people imposes new challenges to be faced as a society and as individuals. Aspects such as the...
Mujer mayor con delantal y su cuidadora mirándola sonriendo
25 October 2021
  In recent months, we have witnessed a wide range of pronouncements, documents and conferences on the future of long-term care in our country...
Mujer mayor tejiendo
16 April 2020
A stranger has just burst onto the international scene: it is the new coronavirus Covid-19. Every day we are learning about infectivity, lethality...
Mujer mayor tejiendo
04 April 2020
We live in uncertain times in the area of ageing. In this pandemic that is invading us, older people have taken on a special role, especially those...