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#100fluencers: a campaign promoting digital equity for all ages


Is the right to digital equity a reality for the elderly? 


  • On Friday, October 1, the "International Day of Older Persons" is celebrated under the theme "Digital equity for all ages".
  • Matia, through #100Fluencers, (www.100fluencers.eus), prioritizes addressing digital equity for seniors to facilitate access and meaningful participation in the digital world.
  • To date, entities such as Guuk, Air Liquide HealthCare, Wetak, Shernan and Google have committed to the project.
  • People living in Matia centers raise their voices and express the need to work to ensure digital equity for all ages.
  • The digital divide shows that 30% of older people have not yet used the Internet in the last year, highlighting the need for digital literacy.

Therefore, being aware of this reality and on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, a diverse group of people living in Matia centers have wanted to add their voices requesting to facilitate their incorporation into a virtual environment increasingly present in our lives, and thus ensure that "Digital equity for all ages" that says the motto of the United Nations chosen for this year.























Por ello, siendo conscientes de esta realidad y con motivo del Día Internacional de las Personas Mayores, un grupo diverso de personas residentes en centros de Matia han querido sumar sus voces solicitando que se facilite su incorporación a un entorno virtual cada vez más presente en nuestras vidas, y así garantizar esa "Equidad digital para todas las edades" que reza el lema de Naciones Unidas elegido para este año.

  1. Access the digital world and information.
  2. Connect with their environment, with the world.
  3. To feel digitally secure.
  4. That their privacy is respected.
  5. That we help them to adapt and make them participants in this new environment.

Older people still do not have the same access and presence in digital media as other people in lower age groups. This entails risks such as the difficulty to carry out administrative procedures, feeling of isolation, loneliness... But it also implies an impoverishment for the rest of society due to the lack of visibility of the experiences and knowledge of older people in the digital environment.

#100fluencers: one project, three blocks:This initiative, designed by MatiaZaleak, consists of three blocks and is perfectly in line with the motto proposed by the United Nations on the occasion of the "International Day of Older Persons" "Digital equity for all ages".
On the one hand, an analysis of stereotypes of aging shown by social networks will be carried out, for which a study will be conducted by Matia Institute, which will analyze the labels and stereotypes related to aging and its evolution in social networks, digital media and scientific literature.
In a second block, it will address how to equip and train in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to older people. The pandemic has given an important boost to the reduction of the digital divide. But there are still people, especially older people, who cannot connect to the Internet and do not know how to use technology for information and communication. In this way, they are excluded from an increasingly digitalized reality (transactions with the administration, online banking, RRSS...), exposing themselves to situations of loneliness and isolation. In short, the digital divide can prevent many seniors from making a doctor's appointment or communicating with their family.
And finally, #100fluencers aims to raise awareness about the views of aging. To this end, videos will begin to be broadcast, starting today, reflecting conversations between different generations about what it means to grow old, what stereotypes exist, how we use them... All this with the aim of raising awareness in society of the importance of all of us being part of the digital world and, in the same way, to value the concept of aging from a positive perspective.

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