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Matia Fundazioa, an organization in solidarity with Alzheimer's disease


Matia Fundazioa has joined the initiative "Solidarity with Alzheimer's" promoted by CEAFA (Spanish Confederation of Associations of Relatives of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias) as a solidarity entity.

This initiative aims to promote a State Policy on Alzheimer's disease, in line with what other countries in our environment have done, to address both the dimension of the disease and its consequences from an inclusive approach. At present, 3,500,000 million people in Spain, including patients and family caregivers, are affected by this disease.

With its participation in this initiative, Matia Fundazioa wants to serve as an example to other companies and support the sensitization and awareness of society, institutions and politicians about this major socio-health problem.

Matia Fundazioa and Alzheimer's disease

Matia Fundazioa has a specific Memory and Alzheimer's Unit (UMA), which was the first in the Basque Country to offer assistance to people with memory disorders or other cognitive functions (language, reasoning, attention, etc.), as well as to their families. This Unit attends to the group of affected people, providing them with an Assessment Unit and an Intervention and Treatment Unit. By means of an interdisciplinary team, a diagnosis is made and a personalized treatment and care plan is implemented according to each person's case.